Our Vision

New places are all about people and how they use them. Our vision for Mayfields is to create a new, sustainable market town that will thrive, enhancing the lives of people who live there.

We intend to deliver some £310 million worth of community infrastructure, new work opportunities for 7,000 people and, of course, new housing of around 7,000 homes. These homes will be a mix of size and tenure, helping to grow an organic community of different ages and backgrounds.

Mayfields will be built from the ground up around these public amenities, rather than treating investment in infrastructure as an afterthought.

Where will Mayfields be?

The planned location for Mayfields is in the Sussex Weald, to the west of the A23, Burgess Hill, Hassocks and Hurstpierpoint, north east of Henfield and south of Gatwick and Crawley. Mayfields will both acknowledge the role of and complement these nearby settlements.

It’s an area with lots to recommend it: there are no physical or environmental constraints; it is well connected to existing towns; and there is a need for housing and employment in the Horsham and Mid-Sussex area.

Benefits of Mayfields

Mayfields is not your usual type of development. It will create a new place with its own infrastructure, facilities and services, as opposed to add-on developments that often dramatically alter existing towns and villages and place a burden on their infrastructure. It will provide much needed affordable homes for people who are being priced out of this area. And it will be a wonderful place to live.

Designed with health, environmental, social and economic factors in mind, Mayfields will offer a fresh approach to modern living. Walkable neighbourhoods, safe cycle routes, superb public transport, flexible buildings and spaces, and innovative job opportunities will create a place that supports how people live now, and adapt to how they might live in the future.

A community trust will manage Mayfields’ community facilities. The income required to do this will be funded by Mayfields for the early years and going forward from contributions from the many commercial uses within the new town – reflecting good practice from existing Garden Towns such as Letchworth – and guaranteeing the long-term vitality of the community itself.

Safe cycle routes
Safe cycle routes
Community land ownership
Community land ownership
Innovative job opportunities
Innovative job opportunities

Mayfields town centre

The town centre draws on the best of market towns to create a contemporary mix of rural and urban lifestyles.

Artisit’s impression of horse walk
Artisit’s impression of horse walk
Characterful and varied homes
A pedestrian friendly high street
Local restaurants, cafes and pubs

Who we are

We are Mayfield Market Towns Ltd where 50% of our shares are owned by Clarion Housing Group, the UK’s largest housing association.

Mayfields Market Towns Ltd

Mayfields Market Towns Limited has been formed to promote Mayfields to provide much needed housing and job opportunities in well designed, balanced communities. With extensive experience in construction, development and planning, the directors are passionate about the potential for Mayfields to provide an exceptional new town.

Clarion Housing Group

Clarion Housing Group is the country’s largest housing association with over 125,000 homes. They are also one of the largest housebuilders, and are set to build 50,000 new homes in the 10 years from 2019. Two thirds of these will be affordable homes, as they continue to help those in housing need.

We are also working with a wide range of expertise to help bring our vision for Mayfields to life.

Our development strategy

Most developers buy expensive land which has been allocated for housing, and then find they can’t afford to deliver the benefits they first promised.

Because we are buying land that is not on the edge of existing towns, we won’t pay the inflated price for allocated housing land. This means we can genuinely afford to pay for all the community benefits we are promising – indeed we want to, because if we create a fantastic place to live, it will be easier and quicker for us to occupy the work space and  sell new homes here.

Plenty of green space
Children clapping
New schools and children’s facilities
Sport and leisure amenities
Sport and leisure amenities

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