What are we planning?

Mayfields market town will include new homes for everyone – catering for all age groups and all price points, with a mix of private and affordable housing.  Mayfields will include 30% affordable homes, ranging from social rent, to part buy, to starter homes. These will be provided by Clarion Housing Group, the largest affordable housing provider in the UK.


Why are we different?

Most developers buy expensive land which has been allocated for housing and then find they cannot afford to deliver the benefits they first promised.

Because Mayfields is acquiring land that is not on the edge of existing towns, we will pay landowners more than agricultural ‘current use’ value, but we will not pay the inflated price for allocated housing land. This means that we can genuinely afford to pay for all the community benefits we are promising – indeed we want to, because if we create a fantastic place to live, it will be easier and quicker for us to sell new homes here.

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We are working with five of the UK’s leading masterplanners to come up with a range of communities and types of houses within Mayfields.

We are not planning your average housing estate and when homes are eventually built we will enforce our excellent design through use of design codes.

Our masterplan document will be released shortly, in which you will be able to find out more detail about our vision.

You will be able to look at our masterplan document on this page but we are also able to send you a copy of the document in the post if you prefer.

In the meantime, here is a summary of our masterplan ideas:

  • Mayfield Market Towns’ ambition for Mayfields is to make a new kind of ‘urbane’ rural settlement, and to relieve development pressure on nearby towns and villages.

  • We want to create a place for future generations’ needs.

  • Our vision is to establish a market town that fits in the countryside and provides a healthy active lifestyle, new infrastructure and jobs.

  • Mayfield Market Towns will use garden city principles to guide our plan; land value capture for the benefit of the community; strong vision, leadership and community engagement; community ownership of land and long-term stewardship of assets.

  • Our ambition is to create a place that encourages economic growth by offering opportunities for new and existing businesses to grow, to invest and employ more people.

  • We envisage Mayfields as an extension of the centuries-old, gradual process of settlement in the Weald.