Publication of Local Plan Representation

As part of the Local Plan consultation earlier on this year, Horsham District Council invited a wide number of consultees, residents, employers and developers to comment on their draft Local Plan proposals before further working them up into a final draft later in 2020.

Our formal representations to this Regulation 18 Draft Horsham District Local Plan 2019-2036 are linked to below.

Representations to Horsham Local Plan (MAIN REPORT & APPENDICIES)

In summary, they outline the broader proposals and vision for Mayfields: creating a new town providing for employment, schools, sports and leisure provision, retail, health, and other community use, self build plots together with generous open space to support 7,000 new homes.  It is a vision that grows with time, developed over around 20 years, that has the ambition to create a great place to live, work and relax.  No other proposal being considered by the Council is of sufficient scale to support the level of facilities required for a sustainable new community.

The representations cover:

Creating a community:  MMT has specifically chosen to partner the delivery of Mayfields with Clarion Housing Group, which is the UK’s largest housing association, with a very strong track record in management and long-term stewardship.  Clarion will ensure delivery of all the affordable housing across the site at a policy compliant level.  But other forms of housing are also proposed including homes for first time buyers, low incomes and plots for self-build housing.  Along with suitable and appropriate accommodation for our increasingly ageing population  a key part of the proposal.

Delivering on the vision:  this new settlement has been designed from the outset to be policy compliant; providing for the housing need, employment, social and other infrastructure to create a balanced community from the start and all this will be funded from the captured land value without calling on public expenditure.

Land Value Capture:  MMT’s delivery model ensures that there is early delivery of the social and physical infrastructure which is afforded through sensible land values and does not rely on the public purse.    

Sustainability:  Mayfields is being designed to minimise the need to travel and to provide for movement by sustainable means where travel is necessary.  The deliberate balance planned between housing and employment and the inclusion of health, education, and leisure facilities – including a secondary school – mean that Mayfields can be significantly self-sufficient.  For those that may wish to travel further afield, a network of bus services will link Mayfields to rail stations and other towns.

Environment and biodiversity:  Broad river corridors form an essential feature of a green infrastructure strategy which accounts for 40% of the land, whilst woodland is retained and supplemented by indigenous planting.  A large part of the current site features relatively low-quality agricultural land with limited ecological value, whilst the site has no national or local landscape or ecological designations.  MMT’s plans will ensure a significant net gain in biodiversity and is planning to be carbon neutral using all the latest and proven technology in building fabrics and energy supply.

A team of the country’s leading architects and designers have together developed a landscape led masterplan which protects and celebrates its location, backed by detailed technical investigations as shown in the representations and appendices.

Deliverability:  MMT has commissioned all the necessary technical work to ensure deliverability.  Detailed appendices to the submissions demonstrate the sufficiency of all utilities, MMT’s plans for foul and surface water drainage, internet, energy provision and other key aspects of the development.  Technical work on the vision/masterplan has been ongoing for many years, and this experience shows through in the fine detail, from street scenes to mix of uses including the diverse sports facilities suggested.  MMT is committed for the long term  and have the expertise in place to make sure that the vision is delivered in a timely manner if allocated.

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