Managing heavy rainfall

Managing heavy rainfall

Q – What impact will Mayfields have on water flows locally and further downstream during intense rainstorms, similar to those we have been having this winter?

The development of a new settlement at Mayfields enables us to control the flashy flow of run-off water more effectively than the current land does – which is mainly grassland over a clay bed. By creating more opportunities for water to be stored during periods of heavy rain, our strategy reduces uncontrolled runoff during heavy rain, taming water flows which contributes to downstream flooding.

We propose to use a series of rainfall storage tanks to individual properties, rain gardens, storage blankets, swales and holding ponds in a system which can be remotely monitored and managed, delivering a smart drainage system adapting to different storm conditions and providing more resilience downstream.

In addition, the Environment Agency have stated that they would like to work with us to develop further natural flood management controls within our existing river corridors, to help hold back the flow within the floodplains in places which will help downstream catchments. This work is being progressed at the moment. We will update the website with more information as this progresses.

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