Making our air cleaner

Young people riding bikes

Air pollution has risen up the political agenda in recent years, following numerous reports of damage to our wellbeing and loss of life in the UK and around the world. Indeed, it is considered the biggest threat to public health in the UK behind cancer, obesity and heart disease. Whilst air pollution has been a problem since industrialisation and has fallen in the UK consistently over the last 30 years, there is still a lot of work to be done to improve the air we all breathe.

In January 2019, the government launched its Clean Air Strategy, which set out ambitious targets to reduce people’s exposure to particulate matter, which has been identified as the most harmful form of air pollution. The government identified the leading causes of air pollution as vehicle emissions, domestic burning of harmful fuels and agriculture, which is responsible for 88% of ammonia emissions.

Transport is a major contributor to air pollution, especially from cars. This has already been recognised through the direction of government policy, reducing reliance on diesel cars and encouraging electric. Mayfields will include provision for electric car charging points in homes and in public spaces, to encourage the take-up of this technology which is far better for the wider environment and air quality.

We have also designed the development to include numerous foot and cycle paths, both within the town and connecting to existing communities, to encourage people to walk or cycle instead of taking the car. This will benefit not just Mayfields residents, but residents of existing communities as well. Public transport is also an important part of this mix, ensuring there are alternatives to using the private car.

Finally, our homes will be built to the highest standards in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability. This will reduce the use of harmful fuels to heat homes, such as wood and coal, which will reduce air pollution. It also has the added benefit of reducing fuel bills for residents, keeping the costs of living down and reducing emissions to protect the wider environment.

Our development has been designed to target the three areas that the government has identified in its strategy; transport, agriculture and harmful fuels. By taking intensive agricultural land out of use, future proofing homes through electric charging points and energy efficiency technology, our development will be able to minimise its impact on air quality.

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