Mayfields is a vision for a new market town in Mid Sussex to provide homes, jobs and a better way of living to all generations. It takes what is best about established weald towns to create a place and lifestyle for people today. Mayfields market town will be a place for all – catering for all age groups and all price points by providing a mix of private and affordable housing.



Mayfields, as a well-designed new town, will provide special benefits to all generations. Making a new market town offers the opportunity to plan a whole settlement so that it is not just an add-on to an existing village or town. By providing residential areas, employment areas and walking, cycling and riding routes - plus much more - it will create social, health and economic benefits for all. It will also provide a range of new services, from doctors, dentists, education, buses, wifi hubs, blacksmiths and country stores, while giving pleasure to residents with access to a high quality landscape for all outdoor pursuits.



Mayfields will help address unmet housing needs in adjoining authorities. It will help mitigate the effects of an ageing population on the Sussex economy. It will also provide housing supply for younger people to help balance the local population.