Homes at Mayfields

Mayfields will include new homes for everyone – all age groups and all price points, with a mix of private and affordable housing. It will be a home to everyone – families, older couples, retirees, and young people just starting out in life.

35 percent of these homes will be affordable, ranging from social rent to part buy and starter homes. These will be provided by Clarion Housing Group, the UK’s largest housing association. Inspired by the local architecture, these homes will be modern yet characterful and offer a variety of styles, tenures and sizes. All homes will be fully Disability Discrimination Act compliant and a percentage will be designed specifically for the disabled. For other plots, we will seek out the best designers and house builders, and encourage smaller niche builders.

We will also be providing some self-build plots. These plots of land will have all the services connected to them but be available for people to buy and build their own homes.

This wide range of homes will enable us to fulfil our commitments to the district, add value to the town and help make Mayfields a vibrant place to live, work and grow up.

New homesteads at Mayfields
New homesteads at Mayfields
Artist's impression of the homes at Mayfields
Artist's impression of the homes at Mayfields

Amenities at Mayfields

Mayfields will be made up of several walkable neighbourhoods, each with its own centre featuring a primary school, shops, healthcare, sport and community facilities.

At the heart of Mayfields will be a large market square and village green with space for markets and a town hall. A high street will feature restaurants, cafes and shops, with parks, offices and work space, a secondary school including a sixth form, plus a special needs school for the county, cinema, cultural spaces, art trail and Makers’ Court for local crafts.

We’ve worked all these facilities into our masterplan, as well as planning for all the things that make a functioning town, such as investing in employment hubs, sewage works and roads. Together, they will help create a vibrant and sociable community.

Mayfields Amenities
Mayfields will have all the services and amenities a thriving town needs

Smart, green living

As we are starting from scratch at Mayfields, we can ensure that it is built around energy efficient and environmentally sustainable measures.

Initiatives such as clean local power generation will help Mayfields to achieve low carbon emission goals. We will also integrate smart living technology into Mayfields, making use of real-time data to inform people and use resources most efficiently. Life will be cleaner, greener and run more smoothly.

Getting around

Our plans include an integrated and accessible public transport system both serving Mayfields and linking up to existing infrastructure. A bus network will connect Mayfields and all the key surrounding centres and railway stations. Smart technology will allow for easy booking and payment for an on-demand minibus service.

With walkable neighbourhoods, residents will be able to walk to their jobs, schools and shops, while cycle routes will criss-cross the town and form links to surrounding settlements. Specially designed ‘work hubs’ will encourage those who work out of town to take a day off from their commute and work close to home instead.

Together, Mayfields’ transport strategy will help to minimise car use and create healthy and environmentally friendly ways to get around.

Mayfields highways plan
Plans include an integrated public transport system serving Mayfields and linking up to existing infrastructure

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