Where everyone feels welcome

A sense of community is what gives a place its character. Our ambition is to create a classic market town for people of all ages and backgrounds, giving them the opportunity to play a full role in the life of Mayfields.

With its mix of residential, leisure and work spaces, range of homes and community-led initiatives, Mayfields will be a vibrant and welcoming town which also meets the necessities of modern life.

At the heart of any thriving community is the ability to communicate well. Through the planned community trust, Mayfields will provide a dedicated website and app, giving news of community events and entertainment, sporting activities, important community meetings and job opportunities.

The Mayfields masterplan

Mayfields masterplan
Mayfields masterplan

Masterplan key

  • Site boundary
  • Residential development area
  • Mixed use commercial, community and housing
  • Commercial development area
  • Education
  • Green infrastructure and open space
  • Trees and woodland
  • River / pond / water
  • Water treatment plant
  • Sports area

A community trust for everyone’s benefit

We intend to set up a community trust to manage Mayfields.

Trustees will live locally and be given stewardship of many of the community assets, including all ‘public land’ – parks, play areas, sports fields, allotments, footpaths, bridleways and cycle paths.

The community trust would also own the freehold of buildings that provide amenities, services and jobs – health centres, community halls, some of the shops, restaurants and businesses. This would give the community trust some control on how such land is used for community benefit.

Future generations will benefit from the community trust’s involvement in Mayfields

Social spaces and amenities

Plans for Mayfields incorporate places where people can naturally socialise: the local coffee shop; farmers’ markets; on the walk to school or work. Village halls will be the ideal place for local groups and activities, bringing people together through shared interests.

The accommodation plan will also be designed to create sociable neighbourhoods. We will use the concept of ‘homesteads’, inspired by the Sussex farmstead, as the basic element that can then be adapted to accommodate different types of homes and combine with other homesteads to form a neighbourhood. This approach will provide the flexibility to create all the home types people will need and help them socialise with neighbours to form a community.

Leisure and sport

Local sports teams and fitness groups will grow up around the facilities available at Mayfields. Whether watching or participating in sporting events, people will be able to join in and feel part of what’s happening.

Mayfields will also offer something special for this part of Sussex. It will have an opportunity for those who love riding and working with horses to enjoy a morning ride or drop by a stable yard after work. It will create a shared interest and activity for people, helping bring them together.

Parks and greens

The amount of green space planned throughout Mayfields will bring people out of their homes and cars, and into contact with each other. Chatting at playgrounds, outdoor fetes and events, or when walking to the shops – all these small interactions will help build friendships.

Mayfields is designed to build friendships
Mayfields is designed to build friendships
Park space

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