Mayfields would bring many benefits for existing residents in West Sussex.


Mayfields will provide all round health, economic and social benefits. Alongside those detailed above, Mayfields will also deliver:

  • Walkable neighbourhoods
  • Flexible buildings and spaces
  • A community trust
  • A disturbance package for those directly impacted
  • Innovative job opportunities through purpose designed, flexible buildings and spaces
  • Special purchase discounts for local people


We are in discussion with providers about the possibility of a new grammar school, which would be open to everyone locally.

Mayfields will have a strong equestrian focus, with many new bridleways being provided and a whole range of equestrian cottage industries being supported within the town.

We will deliver a modern, well-funded public transport system which will make it easier for people to travel between Henfield, Brighton, Burgess Hill and other local transport hubs.


Avoiding add-on development

A new settlement can deliver 10,000 homes in one place, rather than 20 add on developments of 500 homes each, which disfigure existing towns and villages and place a burden on existing community infrastructure.

10,000 homes can be delivered at Mayfields and will only directly impact upon 100 existing properties, all of whom will be offered generous compensation packages.